Parent's Guide To Overcoming Morning Meltdowns

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We all have morning meltdowns. Yes, even as adults, we often struggle when it comes to getting ready to face the day. Why then are we so surprised when our children struggle as well? And this can especially be true for our children who have ADHD / FastBraiin. Instead of getting upset at them, maybe we should seek to help them and give them a pathway for success.

Here is a quick guide to helping you move past the morning meltdowns.


Every morning needs to start with this resolve in our hearts. We are going to love our kids. That is what they need the most. Loving them means identifying with them, understanding them, and showing some compassion for them. Could transforming our mornings really be that simple? Many times, that is exactly the case. A little compassion can flip an entire day around.


Prepare tomorrows clothes the night before and this will help make the mornings flow more smoothly. Make sure that all items are cleaned, pressed (if needed), and properly laid out.

I sometimes have my sensory sensitive kids to try on their clothes, so that they know how they will look and more importantly how they will feel. A scratchy shirt, or pants that don’t fit right can cause an anxiety break out. So this fitting helps eliminate some of the issues in morning meltdowns.


The night before, have an idea or prepare what you can for their breakfast. If you have a shortened morning, then plan something quick, easy and on the go.


Are all papers signed? Is homework done? Are backpacks ready to be taken to school?  The less you have to do in the morning the better. I sometimes have the majority of their lunches prepacked. Running around making sandwiches, finding papers, and looking for clothes is a recipe for a meltdown. Making sure as many of these things are taken care of the night before significantly reduces anxiety and opportunity for meltdowns.


Smooth mornings are not all about us parents doing all the work. What is needed is for our kids to learn to take steps in caring for themselves. The more they learn to do on their own, the better. One thing I have done to help empower my kids is to make pictures of tasks that need to be done in the morning. I personally have three things that I ask them to do; brush teeth, get dressed, and eat breakfast. We have turned each of these tasks into a picture and they go on a sign in our bathroom. I change these signs around or even use a photograph or drawing to make them noticeable. Your kids may even want to draw the pictures for these. This gives visual and written directions to the child as each child learns differently.

Giving your child tasks in the mornings helps them develop important skills for life, and makes everyone’s morning far more peaceful.


Speak positive words of affirmation to your children. Keep things positive. I play music and engage in simple communication and conversation. Nothing too heavy or fast, just good easy flowing chatter. What the day looks like, how good they are going to do, fill this with encouragement. ADHD / FastBraiin kids need all the encouragement they can get. Sometimes their day at school is filled with discouragement. As parents, it's important we send them off confident and encouraged.


Remember to relax and have fun. Dance to the car or in the car. Help your kids lighten up and smile.  Sings songs, or ask some silly riddles. Your job is to see they get to their job (school) in great spirits. This will not only improve your child’s attitude in the morning but help yours as well.

I hope these seven tips will help you overcome morning meltdowns. Your mornings can change. Be a hero to your child. You can do it.