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Fats get a bad rap.

You see fat in a product, and everything in you screams, avoid! This is to be expected since the FDA and popular culture has been pushing a no-fat, low-fat diet for years. But things are changing. Major universities and research groups have been looking into fat more closely and realizing that fats aren’t the evil we always thought they were. They are actually very good for us, well, at least the right kind of fats. Fats can be classified as either good fats or bad fats.

A recent article from Harvard Medical School details the difference between good and bad fats.

The gist of it is that bad fats (trans fats) lead to heart disease, cognitive impairments, and an array of other issues, while good fats (mono/poly unsaturated fats) lead in the opposite direction toward increased health, vitality, and brain function.

Good fats are especially helpful with any sort of ADHD issue, whether it's with focusing, attention, and memory, or with co-morbidities such as mood, anxiety, and depression. The brain is made up of 70% cholesterol and fats, and DHA is one of the critical components of this percentage. If the brain is not getting enough of the right fats, it simply cannot function at its optimum level.

A study from Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School even found omega-3 fatty acid supplements in the form of fish oil are an effective first-line intervention for ADHD and bi-polar disorder. Children who took fish oil supplementation showed improvements in various cognitive tests and reported reduced negative symptoms of ADHD over a 2-month period.

It’s very important we get these fats. Our diets, however, are typically very high in the bad fats and low in the good fats, so what are we to do? The first thing we should do is adjust our diet to incorporate more healthy fats, like coconut oil, olive oil, and fats from fish and nuts. But even with a proper diet, it is still very difficult to get the doctor recommended amount of DHA.

That’s why FastBraiin developed DHA Optima as an easy and powerful solution to getting high-quality and high concentrations of DHA into the diet. We source our fish oil from the same sources that some of the leading researchers have been using, and each of our pills provides the optimum 700mg of DHA. We have helped thousands of patients harness their ADHD abilities, and recommend all of our patients to be on a DHA regimen. Some of our patients have actually used DHA as an effective substitute in place of prescription medications. Others find that with DHA supplementation, medications can be drastically reduced. Patients also like it because its completely natural and is a baseline nutrient that everyone needs. There’s no risk involved.

If you want safe, natural, and effective supplements for your family, FastBraiin has taken the guesswork out for you, creating doctor-backed and science-based products that have been rigorously tested for purity, and available in our centers and online. Stop by or shop online today to purchase DHA Optima and begin optimizing your brain.

And if you really want to maximize DHA’s potential, we encourage you to take it along with Phosphatidyl Serine. When these two nutrients are taken together there is a synergistic effect that promotes increased brain function, memory, and focus.

To maximize benefits, take DHA and PS together..

Here's to the naturally better you! Got a success story you want to share, we'd love to hear it!

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