Should I Send My ADHD Child To Counseling?

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In this video, Dr. Jim, ADHD specialist and founder of FastBraiin, answers the question, “Should I Send My ADHD Child To Counseling?”

Should I Send My ADHD Child To Counseling? from FastBraiin on Vimeo.

The following is a basic transcript of the video.

A huge number of individuals come to see me and they've already been to counseling, and they have their big packet of counseling information. All the material, and all the testing that was done, and guess what? It doesn't work.

I wish counseling did work. Russell Barkley has written many books on the psychology of ADHD and health disorders. He is one of the country's, if not, the world's, best experts on ADHD. He was recently quoted as saying counseling without medication does not work.

We do have a role for counseling. Matter of fact, think of all the co-morbidities (conditions that co-exist with ADHD) like anxiety, depression, oppositional defiance, emotional dysregulation, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and learning disabilities. All of these need some form of counseling.

So is counseling important? Yes, but is it the first thing we run and jump to? No. Do we need to rule out a learning disability? Yes, we do. Do we need to rule out physical disabilities? Yes, we do.

All this is very interactive, so it's very important that when you are going to see a provider, you look into a holistic approach to care that includes counseling, education, medical, psychological, nutritional, and domestic and school related components.

Woah! Wait a minute Dr. Jim. You mean to effectively care for ADHD I have to consider all these components? Yes.

Is it all important? Yes, because any one thing can prevent progress. You can be dressed perfectly, and if you got a rock in your shoe, you aren't going to be able to walk very well. Anything can upset the apple cart.

You need to look at it all. Counseling is a part of it, but counseling is not the answer. Realize where its place is. Ask a provider about when you should go to counseling and let them help you and monitor your progress. When it comes to counseling, you should be aware of what the expectations are, what you are receiving from it, and what the end goal is.

It is very important that you know what you are getting into with counseling.