Why Sending Your Child Outside Is Important

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Welcome to Dr. Jim's FastBraiin. I'm Dr. Jim Poole, and I have definitely FastBraiin! Today, I want to explain why sending your child outside is crucial, especially if they're FastBraiin. So let's dive right in, but make sure you watch the video for the full effect!

The Importance of Outdoor Time:

One question that might come to mind is why should you send your child outside? Well, the answer is simple - it's all about the benefits! When children spend time outdoors, they engage in physical activities that help them stay active and healthy. But that's not all. Let me break it down for you.

  1. Releasing Energy:

When children are cooped up inside, they often become restless and have a surplus of energy. However, by going outside and running around, they can release all that pent-up energy. Imagine how hard it is to run around the house when you're exhausted! That's why it's important to send them outside before dinner.

  1. Calming the Brain:

If you think sending your child in front of a TV screen or video games will help them calm down, think again. Such activities actually hype up their brains. On the other hand, when they are physically active outside, their brains are naturally relaxed. This physical exhaustion is exactly what you want to achieve.

The Perfect Routine:

So what's the ideal routine for your child? Start by sending them outside before dinner. This way, they can release their energy and come back relaxed. After dinner, they will be in the perfect state to focus and concentrate on their homework. Imagine the joy of having a child who can sit for 45 minutes or an hour without getting distracted!


As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child gets enough outdoor time. Remember, the real joy of being a parent lies in seeing your child outside, active, and exhausted. So, don't let screen time dominate their lives. Let them experience the joy of being outside, getting active, and coming home physically exhausted. Let them explore, and watch as they thrive both physically and mentally; it's an important part of nurturing their holistic growth.

I hope you found this blog post informative and helpful. If you want to learn more about our FastBraiin programs, stay tuned for further discussions. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

- Dr. Jim


Video Transcript:

[00:00:00] Dr. Jim Poole, MD: to Dr. Jim's FastBraiin. I'm Dr. Jim Poole, and I have definitely FastBraiin. Alright, so why do you want to send your child outside, especially if they're FastBraiin? This is Dr. Jim's FastBraiin, and I'm going to explain to you real quickly why we send them outside. And here's what happens when they come in.

[00:00:26] They're exhausted. And it's hard to run around the house when you're exhausted. So what do you do before dinner? You send them outside. If you send them in front of a TV screen, or to do video games, they're going to come up hyper because their brain is hyped up. Here, physically, they're exhausted. And that's exactly what you want.

[00:00:46] And then after dinner, They'll be relaxed and then they can sit and do a 45 minutes or an hour's worth of homework. So get your child outside, get them active, don't let them just come in and sit and do video and screen [00:01:00] time. This is the real joy of being a parent, having them outside and exhausted. Good luck and look forward to seeing you on further discussions on our FastBraiin programs.