The Tremendous Benefits of Having an ADHD Morning Exercise Routine

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To start your day off well, you should try to start it with a ADHD morning exercise routine. This advice applies to both kids and adults with ADHD. After all, we could all use a little more exercise in our lives.

For most people, the last thing you want to do in the morning might be to exercise, but it could be the best thing for your day. Additionally, if you planned to exercise anyways, many experts say that morning might be the best time of day to do it.

Here at FastBraiin, the last thing we want to do is give you more burdens. We know that having ADHD or having a child with ADHD can make life hectic and stressful. The resources we provide online and in our facilities seek to remove stress not add to it. The same concept holds true for an ADHD morning exercise routine. While it might feel like an additional burden, at first, overall with it your day might just go better.

In this article, we want to discuss more the benefits of an ADHD morning exercise routine and how to put one in place. Managing ADHD symptoms and finding time to do everything you need to feels exhausting. We hope to help limit your exhaustion and frustration by making having an ADHD morning exercise routine as simple as possible.

The Benefits of an ADHD Morning Exercise Routine

Before we get to how to get started, let’s talk first about what everyone really wants to know: the benefits. We naturally want to hear about how our investments could pay off before we get into the nitty gritty of starting the investments. Let’s look at the benefits of an ADHD morning exercise routine. Hopefully, we all will see how having a routine can help manage your ADHD symptoms and make your day go more smoothly.

Exercise Helps You Wake Up

We probably feel hesitant about an ADHD morning exercise routine primarily because we struggle enough as it is just to wake up. For some of us, our favorite friend in the morning is the snooze button on the alarm. Others of us have to rush through our mornings just to get out the door in time.

A great reason to add exercise into your morning, though, is that it will help energize and wake you up. Exercising helps to get your blood flowing and helps to release endorphins that help you feel better and more alert. By exercising the first thing when you wake up, you may find that you become less sluggish. Then, the rest of your morning might go more smoothly.

Keep in mind with this that your exercise routine doesn’t have to be intense or involve going to the gym. Rather, you can make a simple routine of a few stretches and less intense exercise options. To get some ideas for simple routines to wake you up, you can start with the ideas in this article.

Morning Exercise Helps ADHD Symptoms Throughout the Day

We already know that exercise helps improve ADHD symptoms. Exercising in the morning, though, helps you start your day right by improving your symptoms before you do anything else. Additionally, recent research has shown that morning exercise may help ADHD more than exercise at other points in the day.

In many ways, your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you wake up and go about your morning sluggish and unorganized, the rest of your day may end up the same. On the other hand, if you start your day with getting up and active and having a healthy breakfast, you set a positive active tone for the rest of your day.

Exercising first thing in the morning helps set a positive structure to follow. We recommend routine throughout your day to help guide how you manage your ADHD symptoms. Start your ADHD morning routine with exercise to get set off on the right foot.

Exercise Helps You Focus

First thing in the morning, we all need a little bit of focus and energy. More often than not we turn to coffee to help us out. Coffee and caffeine can provide some benefits, but most of us really need something more. That something more can be exercise. Exercise has been proven to help increase your mind’s focus.

Focus matters for your day no matter if you have work or school to go to. For this reason, you must orient your morning around improving focus. This means getting the nutrients you need through a healthy breakfast. It also means getting your brain ready to focus through exercise and routine.

How to Put an ADHD Morning Exercise Routine in Place

Now that we understand the benefits of having an ADHD morning exercise routine, we need to start talking about how to start one. This next section includes a few helpful tips on getting started with exercising. These tips don’t cover everything that might come up, but they will provide some good strategies on how to simply get started.

Start with Something Simple

As we mentioned before, you don’t have to do anything too intense for your ADHD morning exercise routine. Most of us never get started with exercising because we make it too complicated in our minds. We see our friends or neighborhoods with the exercise equipment or gym membership, and we just think that’s too much of an investment.

For starters, though, we don’t recommend you go out and buy anything at all. Starting exercising can be as simple as doing some stretches and a few pushups. Another good morning exercise option can include a 15 minute jog or run around your neighborhood. When starting on an ADHD morning exercise routine, you need to focus on just getting started.

Eventually, you may work up to having a gym membership or buying exercise equipment. To start, though, keep it very simple so that you ease your body and mind into the new routine.

With taking simple first steps, you won’t give up so quickly because you don’t have so many barriers to overcome. After getting a routine that works you can then start adding things in. You can find many great recommendations for simple morning exercise routines online in articles such as this one.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Many of us hamper our exercise efforts before we ever break a sweat. We do this through our diets. We eat terrible food day in and day out and we wonder why we never have any energy or motivation to start exercising.

The reason we feel sluggish and tired all the time shouldn’t be a mystery. We feel tired and sluggish because we don’t give our bodies the right fuel they need. The same concept applies to our ADHD morning exercise routine. We might start a routine, but we find that we still feel sluggish and tired throughout our day.

We might still feel this way because after we exercise we go back to eating food that’s bad for us. In doing this, we negate the positive benefits of exercising in the first place. To stop this unhealthy cycle, you need to complement your morning workout with a healthy and well-balanced breakfast. 

Get a Cheerleader

Another reason most of us fail with any type of exercise is that we try to go it alone. We think we have the well power to get started and stick through with it. In reality, though, we often simply set ourselves up for failure by deciding to go it alone.

As people, we tend to stick to what we know best and stay in our poor habits and behaviors. Without outside intervention or motivation, most of us would make little change to the habits we already have in place. To really take a good run at starting an ADHD morning exercise routine, you need to get someone to encourage and support you.

We can call this person your cheerleader. Again, the idea here is to not make exercising overcomplicated or involved. If you can work out or exercise with someone else, you should try to. If that becomes too much, don’t give up on exercising, though. Instead exercise on your own, but enlist a cheerleader to check in on your routine and how it is going.

Ask this person to help encourage you each day and ask you about your morning routine. They can help hold you accountable and make sure you succeed with getting your routine going.

Starting an ADHD Morning Exercise Routine Takes Time

Starting something new, especially during the morning hours, won’t happen overnight. You might start to exercise and then stop and then start again. Keep going at it, though, and you might eventually get the hang of the routine, and it will become your regular habit instead of a chore you have to do.

Managing ADHD well presents challenges. Unfortunately, you don’t ever get a break from managing the symptoms. Still, though, this doesn’t mean that you always have to work at managing ADHD. Through establishing regular ADHD daily routines such as a morning exercise plan, you can start regularly managing symptoms without thinking about it at all.

We hope this post has given you encouragement towards making a positive change in your life. Use the tips and suggestions here to start a new routine today. While it might take time to really get going, soon you won’t even have to think about your morning exercise, it will just happen.