How to Teach your ADHD Child Social Skills In Order to Thrive

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In this video, Dr. Jim, ADHD specialist and founder of FastBraiin, answers the question: 


“Why does my ADHD child have trouble socializing?”

Learn how to teach your ADHD child how to implement specific social skills that will increase his or her self-confidence and be more relaxed in any social setting.  Dr. Jim talks to us in this video how important these interactions are in the everyday life of our ADHD child. 

The following is a basic transcript.

There are a lot of issues that go into social interaction and peer groups. One is, what are the ages? When I use to run childcare centers, we'd have a three-year-old that was very active, very demonstrative and seemed to be overrunning the other kids.

What we did was put him up a grade, and put him in the four-year-old group. And the four-year-olds would kind of control him.

The problem with social interaction can even be something like what we call Asperger syndrome or in the Autistic spectrum disorder, where they actually have a social disconnect. Everything is really in black and white for them.

For instance, the guy that started Facebook, I feel he's that way, and what does that mean? That means that when your child develops expectations, then there's no gray zone. You might say that we need to leave at 3 o'clock. Well, when you aren't leaving at 3 o'clock, this confuses the child, and the child might respond, but mom you said we were leaving at 3 and they begin throwing a tantrum.

All these types of interactions and conversations are not bad, but we need to learn how to deal with them because your child's brain is totally wired a different way. Something that we will get into trying to figure out what are the social interactions, where does your child succeed socially, and where does your child have trouble socially.

It's very important for you to talk to your provider about your ADHD child's social interactions, and for your doctor to give you examples and ways of behavioral training for both you and your child.

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