4 Quick Tips for Adults With ADHD

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Recent studies show that over 40% of those with ADHD issues as a child have them as an adult.  If you suffered with focusing and attention when you were younger then the chances of you also having the same issues as an adult are very high. However, your ADHD symptoms may manifest themselves in slightly different ways.

As a child you might have had difficulty sitting still in math class.  Maybe you didn't find as much success in school as you expected. As an adult you might have problems sitting in a work meeting and learning about a new product you are selling. FastBraiin adults may have difficulty with organization, focus, and task completion.

Here are four quick tips for adults with ADHD to help you work positively with your ADHD.

#1: Embrace an identity that's greater than your label

Are you identified by your ADHD? First, lets do a simple stigma change.

ADHD sounds negative and creates negative connotations when someone identifies you as such. This puts a fog around you and your future outlook. You need to embrace yourself as something positive, not negative. When you believe you are FastBraiin, you believe you have a bright future. And when you tell people you’re FastBraiin, they ask whats that? I want to hear more.  My brain works fast, I think fast. We are all surrounded by many successful people who are FastBraiin. So I use my ADHD / FastBraiin as an asset not a disability.  Few tips for adults with ADHD are more important than embracing this identity.

Quick Tips for Adults with ADHD #2: Be aware of your weaknesses

The issues of attention problems as an adult are intermixed with problems of executive functioning, and also difficulty in inhibiting our ability to block out distractions, which is called inhibitory control. We may underachieve, which is frustrating, and we are left not knowing why. Sometimes all we can see are our weaknesses.  In comes negative thoughts and beliefs, then concern about our self, with a resulting spiral of negative behavior, procrastination, and avoiding tasks that are unpleasant or difficult. The negative spiral leads to negative thoughts, negative action, negative anticipation of our ability, and an obvious reduction in our own motivation. It’s the ADHD spiral. Becoming aware of this spiral is huge step towards success.

Quick Tips for Adults with ADHD #3: Fight to respond positively in every circumstance

FastBraiin knows that these feelings and attitudes result in a constant bombarding of negative thoughts and attitudes that keep us from succeeding. With these feelings there is a rise of negative emotion, depression, anxiety, and a series of failures and job changes. We are quick to see what is going on around us, yet it can be difficult to retain attention. 

At FastBraiin, our professionals work to change the spiral.  We change this circle of negativity to an upward response of understanding oneself.  As you start to realize positive traits and find your strengths, you'll start to perform at levels you never thought possible.

Quick Tips for Adults with ADHD #4: Don't panic.

If you think you are ADHD, do not panic. Do not be worried. People just like you have found ways to succeed in the world. The trick is building a strategy around your individual strengths and weaknesses. These quick tips for adults with ADHD are a great starting point.

Your brain is fast, and that gives you all kinds of advantages. We can help you. With the proper treatment and help from our ADHD professionals you will experience the life transforming nature of FastBraiin for yourself.

Follow along in our blogs. Give us a call. Come see us in one of our clinics. We are here for you.